Introducing ESTA. A new breed

Monday, 16 January 2023 09:57
The Event Styling™ Training Academy.

It's always been my passion to raise awareness within the industry and to help clients experience the best of what we have to offer here in KZN. After all, we have some of the best "Pinterest"ocean views right here in our backyard.

The most awe-inspiring countryside exists less than an hour away from our base camp here in Umhlanga, and very often makes for a relaxing, scenic, Sunday drive for most coastal residents like myself who want to relieve some of the weeks' tensions. (Yes, as crazy as it sounds , we who work here in the tourist city of Umhlanga also work under pressure. We have deadlines to meet, goods to deliver, brides to keep happy and corporates to impress.) We have the luxury of watching the waves crash on the shores - yes, but it's no less stressful. In fact sometimes we hardly notice the does it's thing, and we do ours.